• EHEDG Advanced Course in Hygienic Engineering and Design (Amsterdam)
  • Custom in-house courses in Hygienic Engineering and Design
  • One-day Introduction to Hygienic Engineering and Design
  • Continuous Pasteurization and Sterilisation
  • Process Water in the Food and Beverage Industries

We offer flexible modular and custom courses in Hygienic, Sterile and Aseptic Design.

In-House Courses

  • Very cost-effective per head
  • Case-studies and direct advice on your designs and issues
  • Issues discussed in confidence
  • Course modules may be scheduled around your shift- and working-periods
  • Tailored reference material and access to information


Benefits of improved hygienic design:


  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Up-time
  • Cost-efficiency


  • Risk to brand image
  • Risk of litigation/regulatory action
  • Cost of chemicals, water and energy
  • Rework
  • Product losses
  • Waste-treatment costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Assurance and insurance costs
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