Fermentation and Purification

 You can come to us for the following services:

Project management

Secure management of cell-banks

rDNA strains and processes

Process design and optimisation

Advanced instrumentation

Automation of process steps, including on-line models, parameter estimation and product handling (ANSI/ ISA-88)

Automation of product handling and ‘lights out’ operation (ANSI/ ISA-88)

Simulation, expert systems, neural nets, genetic algorithms.

Equipment design using advanced technology

All types of reactor-configuration from bubble-column, to stirred tank, to solid-state types

Hygienic and aseptic design


Fungi, mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast and algae

Regulatory and legal requirements

Risk management

In-situ extraction

Membrane processes

Sterile filtration

Chromatographic processes

Solvent extraction

Aseptic packing to 1000L

Handling of highly volatile/odorous materials

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