Types of Food Process

Bakery                      - bread, stone-baked frozen pizza, pasta, biscuits, pastries, chocolate fondant

Confectionery           - ice dream/bakery toppings, chocolate paste, sweets

Seafood                    - white fish, clams, prawns, crab, tuna

Fermented                - whisky , whiskey, beer, sourdough cultures, lactic cultures, enzymes, flavours

Meat                         - beef, chicken, turkey

Cured meats             - jamon Iberico, Irish black pudding, bacon, pepperoni

Cooked meats           - ham, roast beef, frozen fried bacon, spiced ribs

Produce                    - raw carrots, prepared salads, pickled jalapeños

Dairy                        - milk, yogurt, UHT milk and desserts 

Cheese                     - Parmigiano reggiano, cheese cutting, grating, slicing, strings, processed cheese

Ice-cream                 - gateaux, dry mixes, 

Soya                         - milk

Dry foods                 - flour, soya flour, spices, salt, olive oil, coffee, cocoa

Olives                      - whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced, brined, IQF olives

Other                       - fresh sandwiches, dessicated coconut, coconut cream, UHP and UHT fruir puree, frozen potato fries,         spring waters, carbonated beverages

Dressings                 - salad dressings, salad cream, mayonnaise, tomato sauce

Distribution              - to foodservice, retail and manufacturing

Packaging                 -injection-mouldinr

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